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How important is your watch?

More and more people are following an upward trend, and buying many different watches for different occasions and for different "get ups". People in general are looking at your time more than you are. There are many reasons why TIME is so important.

Here is one, It shows your new employer, or current employer that you are punctual and responsible more than if you were not wearing a watch to work or to an interview. 

You can land a job quicker by flashing your new Time piece. 

Its a great conversation opener, If someone likes your watch chances are they will approach you and ask to see your watch or simply ask for the time. 

It helps you say something about yourself. When I wear a watch and I know that no one else has seen the watch Im wearing before, It tells people that I am a fashionable person and completes my wardrobe. I call this 3 expressions of a man. His car, his watch and his shoes.

So in a nutshell it is important to have a collection of watches, and watches that are rare, make for a better conversation. 

Happy Times!

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